Jennifer discusses the meaning of her album title and upcoming single "I remember me"

The album title track "I remember me" is set to be the second single off of the album in the US, but will be the lead single from I remember me in the UK when the album releases here on April 22. "I remember me" is one of my favourite songs off of the album and one of the few songs on it which screams SINGLE! So I think this is a wise single choice to get out of the way before opting for something a bit more funky for the Summer.


  1. I think it is the best song on the album, and a great choice for a single. I wish she would have released it in the US as the first single instead of that BS "Where you at". I've decided that I hate that song. I hate the name of it and I hate the end where Jennifer is literally yelling "DELIVAAAAAAA, DELIVAAAAA...". It's just too much.

    You catch the AOL session video I sent you of Jennifer singing "I Remember Me"? Good stuff. You can tell she connects with the song.

  2. I'm thinking "Don't Look Down" is going to be the next single over here. She just performed it on Dancing with the stars and shut it down.


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