Jin also holla's at BoA. Calls her a ho.

It was rumoured at one point that Jin and BoA were an item, after they were spotted kicking it together and getting freak-deaky in the corner of some club. But the story fizzled out just as quick as it sparked into existence. SM and Johnny's entertainment probably went Gestapo style on the two of them the second their shit got out. Relationships are forbidden within SM and Johnny's entertainment until you're in your 30's and there is some younger version of you in training who can push units and take your place whilst you actually live your life.

The two of them must be close on some level though; for BoA to call him stupid and Jin to call her a ho. Yes. Jin actually called her a ho. I might have to buy a copy of his single for that shit right there because it made me laugh. Nope. I already changed my mind.


  1. He deserves a pat on the back! lmao I'm pretty sure the term was used endearingly just like when I use it when I refer to my J-pop hos lmao

  2. Boa a ho. Wonder if he ever met kumi her vagina would snap off his peepee

  3. LMFAO @Anonymous, Didn't Kumi and BoA do a song together way back? Maybe Kumi taught BoA some tricks we don't know about *wink wink*

    Does BoA even have a boyfriend? hook her up! XD

  4. LMAO I was thinking the same thing. If anyone is a ho it's Kumi. Bitch humps everything in sight in all her music videos, and I swear she isn't content unless her legs are wide open. Not that there's anything wrong with all of that. I actually lover her highly sexualized image. It's different from all of cuteness surrounding japan's other pop stars.

  5. He did not call her a ho, as "aho" in Japanese also means stupid. That was also the first thing that came into my mind, but the fans didn't seem to be puzzled about it.


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