Jin holla's at Crystal on Twitter

KAT-TUN front man (or more like ex-KAT-TUN front man) Jin Akanishi recently joined Twitter and already he and Crystal have back and forthed some tweets! Nothing cements friendship like some tweets ya'll!

Crystal Kay has been pretty good friends with the KAT-TUN boys for a good while now, having appeared on their talk / variety show Cartoon KAT-TUN several times and being one of the select few outside of the Johnny's circle to perform with them. Rihanna was distanced like KAT-TUN had a Chris Brown restraining order on her when she appeared on the show. So I don't know whose dick Crystal had to suck to perform with them, kick it on a couch with them more than once, then hit the studio with Jin twice and shoot a music video with him.

A particular moment during one of her appearances on the show became Internet famous: when Ueda misunderstood the rules of a game and shoved Crystal. The end result being Crystal staggering back, letting out a squeal, and the KAT-TUN members calling Ueda stupid and asking what the hell he was doing.

Jin and Crystal would make such a cute couple. Crystal's career would find itself dead in a ditch if she ever embarked on a relationship with Jin, because his rabid fans would make sure NOBODY ever buys a Crystal Kay CD again. It wouldn't be that hard of a task. Nobody buys her damn CD's anyway. But they would make a nice couple. Jin seems like the kind of guy who likes his women with a bit of flavour.


  1. CK and Jin would make a cute couple and Japanese fan girls are a lot different from Koreans aka they don't go as apeshit if someone gets married. The most popular member of SMAP is married and has children.

    The only thing I think is what is Crystal Kay going to do in the future with these constant flops maybe the exposure of tabloids might help her career.

  2. Don't even make me go into a rant on the state of CK's career... SMH
    Yes Jin & CK would make such a cute couple, "Helpless Night" is so amazing :D
    I wonder if CK has a boyfriend that we dont know about?

    P.S Did Jin call BoA a ho on twitter? "BOAHO" LOL

  3. What music video did they shoot together, and where can i see it ? X

  4. i'm mad curious about Beni's personal life compared to these two, because there never seems to be any dirt on her

  5. To upper post Beni personal life is as interesting as her music

  6. LMAO At the anonymous comment about Beni! Maybe she needs me to come along on and spice it up ;) I love me some interracial Asians. lol

  7. I remember when I got tweeted by Kuri, I was on Cloud 9 and 1/2. I can understand if Jin got a Twitter just to get that feeling!

  8. I think they would make a cute couple too. You never know freinds may turn into lovers ;)

  9. @ people above...just thought I'd toss in there...Beni's freakin hot as shitttttttttttt


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