Kelly Clarkson belts that shit on Ellen

The original American idol Kelly Clarkson has been laying low for a while, but she made a surprise appearance at Ellen where she belted a little medley of her hits.

I forgot how much I loved "Since U been gone". This was the song which started it all, and had bitches like P!nk and Katy Perry wanting Max Martin's then new sound. And also had Dr. Luke put on speed dial within the pop game. Kelly sounded great. The best I've heard her.

Her new album isn't due until September, but it's cool she's out and about performing now. It's a good look to let people know she's active and also restore faith that there are female artists out there who can actually sing and nail their own songs live. I loved the tone of Kelly's vocals during "Since U been gone". I don't think I'll be able to listen to the album version ever again now, because she put it down THAT good.

Kelly Clarkson has already completed work on her fifth studio album, but it will not release until September. However, there's no ruling out her working on more songs though. She has more than enough time to do so if she chooses.


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