Keri Hilson and Nelly set to "Lose control"

The next single from Keri's No boys allowed will be "Lose control". I doubt this will come as a surprise. The second I heard the song, I knew it would end up being a single to capitalize off of the sound having been so popular with Rihanna and her smash single "What's my name?".

"Lose control" has the potential to be a big hit for Keri, even if it does sound like a Loud leftover. But she'll need to come with some class for the music video. She can't be stanking how she was in "The way you love me". Just watch how this bitch dyes her hair red and walks down a street looking like a sex clown how Rihanna did.

I really do hope that Keri Hilson releases "Toy soldier" at some point too. Once the album begins to die down and the Summer's over, I think it would make such a great single.

For an album titled No boys allowed, she sure is putting out a lot of singles with male featuring artists,.

Keri Hilson shoots 'Lose control' music video... @ Toya's world


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