Mariah pimps her baby belly

This is actually an old picture of Mariah taken during her The adventures of Mimi tour. Nah, I'm just kidding. Mimi decided to pimp the babies before they're born and get that money for a magazine cover before she pops these twins out. Nick had better hit it good over the next 2 weeks, because once those babies drop, because unless miming Mimi has a cesarean, that vagina ain't gon' feel the same.

I think Mariah looks terrible in this picture. Her face looks like she's suffering from a nut allergy. Nothing about this shot flatters her in any way. The candid pictures of Mariah out and about looking towed up and down in cardigans, no make up and the hair un-did had her looking cuter than this mess. She looks awful.

You've gotta wonder what Mariah will name her children. I have this horrid feeling she's going to name them after her albums and see it as a sweet sentiment. If I catch a press statement about how Music box and Charmbracelet were delivered safely at some Santa Monica hospital, I will slap the bitch.


  1. Maybe these names

    Chanelotoria and Lambow Brite Nickamante

    lol but honestly isn't me how do celebrities use every occasion to promote and this whole posing naked with baby is so tiring and boring

    i always found her ugly

  2. I think it's because she's still trying to muster some sex appeal... Mariah your carrying twins and are the size of Tenesse just wait until you drop for that shiz.
    She looks cuter out and about like you said, it looks like her nose job has gone back to how it was before too.

    names.... Princess sparkle butterfl and Prince rainbow muffin?


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