Music video: 2PM - Take off

I guess the director of this music video really liked Michael & Janet's "Scream", and also TLC's "No scrubs" - which pretty much was a rip off of Michael & Janet's "Scream".

The video was boring and so was the song. And I do not know what is going on with 2PM and their make-up. They seem to always be caked in the stuff. They make Christina Aguilera's hooker slap look natural. I was seeing eye liner, mascara, foundation and lipstick all up in this video. It was like watching a 4 minute Mabeylline commercial. And whoever styled Wooyoung's hair was wrong. The Dolph Lundgren hair cut wasn't hot in Rocky IV 26 years ago and it sure as hell isn't hot now.


  1. You already know how i feel about this video (scream & TLC) but also Taecyeon collapsing on the floor in a sweat, was just unsettling. It reminded me of the premier inn advert with Lenny henrey, where he throws him self at the bed :S


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