Music video: 4 minute - Heart to heart

4 minute do not stop the hustle for a second. The world could be on the brink of world war 3 and the Armageddon, and these bitches would still be putting singles and music videos out.

I tend not to like a great deal of what 4 minute puts out. But even by my low standards of them; "Heart to heart" is some lower level bullshit. It sounds like a cross between some bullshit from one of The Black eyed peas' last 2 albums and Girls' generations "Oh!". I have no idea how I managed to hear this concoction within the song, but honest to God, I do.

I'm wondering why Cube entertainment even bothered to make a big deal of 4 minutes new grown up concept idea, when the girls are looking and acting no more grown than they did in their debut music video for "Hot issue". The only difference is that Hyuna's hair is darker. I can't roll for Hyuna unless she's popping that pussy and swagging. And she did neither in this video, so she can f**k off. I want that girl back who was looking to snatch BoA's hair from the roots in those "Change" performances. If Hyuna was on that swag, the guy in the video would not have left her.


  1. GARBAGE this why Kpop has taken a nose dive for me. I once had like 100 kpop songs but now it is like 10-15 at most because it just sucks nowadays. 4minute for me have no redeeming factor like I hate SNSD but not going to lie their music is addictive and their dancing is on point. But this....


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