Music video: 4 minute - Mirror, mirror

The 4 minute sluts (Hyuna's words, not mine) drop yet ANOTHER music video. These bitches get worked. Who the hell is their manager? Kim Jong-il!? I bet it's only a matter of time until Cube entertainment sent these bitches to North Korea to hustle some copies of their debut full length 4 minutes left.

"Mirror mirror" is a much better video than "Heart to heart". But it felt like such a mish-mash of styles and concepts we've seen other K-Pop girls groups do and do better, that no originality came through what-so-ever. Originality? In K-Pop!? Yeah, I just realized what foolishness I went and said. But 4 minute not really having their own identifiable style (both visually and musically) is what's always prevented me from really getting into them. This video was like some bastardized mix of Girls' generation and 2NE1. The music video was only saved by Hyuna giving me that good-good at the 2:11 mark. She didn't pussy pop or weave thrash. But she did give me open legs and floor humping. Not classy. But Hyuna's class when out of the window when she popped her pussy in hot pants and knee high boots in that "Change" video, and I ain't mad at her. I swear, if it wasn't for Hyuna, I would not fart on these bitches. That girl carries the whole damn group.


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