Music video: Beyoncé - Move your body

Beyoncé got those knees up with the heels! Bitches need to fall back. B looked hot from the lacefront down to the heels. I always like when Beyoncé goes curly and frizzy with the weaves.

This re-working of "Gte me bodied" is better than "Run the world (Girls)", then again most things are.

I always loved "Get me bodied". It was without a doubt my most played joint from B'Day alongside "Green light" and "Upgrade U". I still find it absolutely crazy that it got so criminally overlooked as a fully fledged single - because the song was everythang, and it still is. The hotness of this song was what made me dismiss "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" at first, because it was just a weaker version of what Beyoncé had done better once before.

You can diss this amazonian android you want and say a bitch sold out. But she's making that money your faves could never. Oh...and she helping overweight kids too.


  1. J you just dropped this shit on a friday! You sir came correct. Belive im sasha fiercing up tonight


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