Music video: Girls' generation - Run devil run (Japanese version)

With every one of these girls rocking the same hair colour, I found it really difficult to distinguish some of these girls - something which was never a problem with their Korean videos. They just all looked the damn same! I kept asking myself whether Jessica was even in this video, because I couldn't even spot her until the end. She might need to beg her stylist to fry that hair out again and go blonde. Because the bitch is like wallpaper without it.

SM entertainment's strategy with these girls is really lacking in comparison to the assault they launched on Japan with TVXQ and BoA. We all liked "Gee", "Tell me your wish (Genie)" and "Run devil run". They were incredibly catchy songs and pretty damn good ones at that. But c'mon. Give 'em a new song to hit the Japanese market with! These songs do the girls no favours because they feel so old now. And their switches into Japanese make them sound lacking and also highlight how their Japanese isn't quite there yet.

Sorry muh SNSD-bots. But Tokyo girls' style just dragged every single one of your wigs through the dirt with this shit. You need to holla at your management and come better next time. Or just call it a day in Japan and stay whored out in Korea. Your country needs you. And I kinda need a comeback from you bitches right about now.


  1. I agree with you about the original song. It's supposed to be out late this month. Mr Taxi.2 sec preview at the end

    P.s have you heard 2pm orignal J song Take off ? -

  2. This the B-side to their upcoming new single Mr.Taxi

    Honesly I hope these chicks crash and burn and go back to Korea where they are King because KARA fit Japan like a glove since they debuted in Korea and their Jpn singles are soo Jpop.

    If they make it and god forbid Super Junior do too it might degrade Jpop to Kpop level of whack repetitive choruses.

  3. I have to admit that the Japanese version of Run Devil Run has grown on me, but the video still isn't much and I agree - at one point I was sure there just several sets of twins in the latter half of the video.

    I'm looking forward to their new Japanese exclusive song, Mr Taxi

  4. new single anyone?


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