Music video: Girls' generation - Taxi

I  prefer the dance version. They cut out the section where Sunny works the waist, arches her back and works a bit of booty too. I am not amused, nor am I impressed. The only better aspect of this video were the close up's of Taeyeon. Her hatred of black women aside, she really does look the business in this video.


  1. Apart from a few laser/gfx effects (which build to nothing) and close ups, not much is different. I was hoping the CD cover (with an actual taxi) would play a part in the PV - but nope. Shame.

    BTW, your comment; "Her hatred of black women aside" confused me :/ I don't know what it's refering to??

  2. @lilithdarkstorm:
    I believe J was referring to this:
    Taeyeon on Alicia Keys “For a black person she’s really pretty”


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