Music video: Kelly Rowland featuring Lil' Wayne - Motivation

Kelly Rowland is clearly out of ideas with this ghetto basement version of Kylie Minogue's "All the lovers", but she played the hood skank really well. I hope the ghetto hood skank whore angle pays off for her and promotes her third studio album from being used as a door stop in the Universal records lobby. Honestly, I do. Because I love Kelly, and would hate for her to end up working the graveyard shifts at that Wendy's drive-thru with Lala and Ciara.

I have to put that girl on blast for putting her hands up in Kelly's wig though. Bitch, you just don't do that. You don't run your hand through another woman's wig unless you're:

a) Helping her put on the wig.
b) Attempting to snatch the wig.
c) Crazy.

Bitch, you crazy.


  1. I don't like the song or the video. The song is wack, video is boring; however, I do wish her success. Someone needs to snatch Beyonce's tightly sewn on weave off of her head.

  2. Of the 2 minutes I watched I hated.

    She does deserve success but with Beyonce new album coming she is going back to annex soon.

  3. SHO YOU RIGHT!!! on that wig comment! how dare she bust up and start pulling focus! just ruined that whole damn moment!

  4. Hummm I smelled sex through the danm screen....

    I liked it! The song is ok. not 1st single material..but I do like it...

    let's see what happens on the charts...

  5. I agree with @Ralph, it's a good song but not lead material and if Keri Hilson dragging her pussy up down and all around a bank vault door didn't get her a hit then no amount of sex smells is gonna get kelly one :/
    I wish her success but her label are all over the place, is she dance or urban? she was getting somewhere internationally and now it's like they threw all that hard work away.

    P.S i got a feeling that without pimp daddy knowles Bey aint gonna be as big this go around.

  6. Ok ive come to the conclusion that kelly is just a genius, ive realised that this is probably the sexiest song ever and the video is sick OMG They shoulda played this last week and i woulda been having sex on the dancefloor or something lmfao KELLYYYYYY this is amazing.


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