Music video: Tokyo girls' style - Kodou no himitsu

Perfume had better hold onto their wigs, their auto-tune software and Yasutaka's willy, because Tokyo girls' style are out to push some hoes to the sideline. And what's worse, is that these girls are signed to Avex. Which means child labour laws aren't a damn thing, and these girls are now bitches working for a pimp.

I was due a cute slice of pop from East Asia to fall for, and these girls came right on cue with "Kodou no himitsu". If I could give them a medal, I would. Because they even managed to make it through the whole song with out so much as a hint of auto-tune or a vocoder. This shit is as rare as finding Kumi Koda in a 3 day old wig. Particularly for a group.

Tokyo girls' style are too young for me demand pussy popping. But they did a wonderful job without it. Their style in this video was great. And the concept was simple, but worked really well in giving the girls something visually appealing and definable. The whole thing struck a perfect balance between being cute, cool and rather dark. I'm sure there's a 60 year old white man out there somewhere who has saved this shit to his favourites and is doing drive-by's around Chinatown with a box of Pocky as lure.

Girls' generation may as well stay in Korea for all I care. Because Tokyo girls' style be bringin' it just fine with this shit.


  1. This was really catchy, I usally dont check for jpop girl groups anymore but this was really good. Ovi will be seeing alot of them, like you said they are Avex slaves now. FOR LIFE

  2. Also really liked the choruses sped up dance bit :)

  3. Really liked the video, outfits and dancing - the song didn't grab me though.

  4. The song is ok but really Perfume have nothing to worry about, the video was good i mean i like the choreography, outfits and the whole glass box thing but the skulls and shiz just didn't work for me, they're to young and cute looking for me to believe there's anything dark about them lol
    Poor things are already quite thin, by the time (sl)Avex is done with this album they'll be on life support next to Kumi's natural hair.

    P.S LMFAO at that old man with the pocky, strawberry pocky is the shiz :D

    P.P.S did you ever see a video for Kanon Wakashime's song "Still Doll"? that is the creepiest shit EVER and you just reminded me of it with your paedo talk lol


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