Namie Amuro's song "Fight together" featuring in the new One piece opening sequence

Aside from recording new songs to pad out her Checkmate! album, Namie also recorded a brand new song "Fight together" to feature as the new opening theme to the ever popular One piece anime series.

I've never been able to get into One piece. But this opening sequence along with the song made me want to watch this shit real bad for a hot minute!

Before Namie even started to sing, I was overcome with thoughts of MiChi should have laced this. Namie does sound good. But MiChi would have shut this song done because it's very much her style, and her vocals would have suited it better. The song needed a vocalist whose vocals can soar and project a real sense of happiness. And Namie's...well...she sounds fed up and a little deadpan. It is still a good song though. And it's mo' money in the bank for Amuro-chan.


  1. I really like this ... Agree with u j , they should of used sumone with a smoother voicebut namie did gd (thumbs up)

  2. Hmm I agree too. I was thinking that another singer might have suited the song better, but I couldn't put my finger on who. But now that you mention it, this sounds like something Michi would do.

  3. I actually think Namie is great on this, i can imagine Ayu doing this which is weird because her voice is so different to everybody else mentioned but Namie did really well, infact this is my favourite song of hers during the "Checkmate!" era it sounds like she actually cares compared to the other songs this era, of course it's Namie so there'll always be a hint of not giving a fuck but she rocks it.


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