A preview of Girls' generation's "Mr. Taxi" music video

SM entertainment will finally be giving Japan a song from their SNSD-bots that has not already been whored out in South Korea. The girls have shot the video to the horrendously named "Mr. Taxi". If the song does not contain potentially dirty lyrics such as "Mr. Taxi take me in for a ride in your big black cab" then I'm not interested.

Peep a preview of the video.

As you can see form this video, SM entertainment have not been feeding these girls since "Oh!" and the video looks like it was shot on the same set as their Japanese PV for "Run devil run".

This foray into Japan needs to be called a wrap, but  these bitches just aren't selling themselves well enough. They all look bored stiff, they all look the same and the songs are leaving much to be desire. Korean comeback please! M'kay, thanks. Girls, bye!


  1. For some reason there starving my yuri, and i will not have that shit. Half her thighs are missing :(

  2. I agree the video is boooooooorinng but I like the song, very catchy!

  3. full dance version is out


  4. You know, I have to say that after watching the dance video, Taeyeon seems more alive here than in any of their other videos... Like maybe she enjoys their Jpop track more than their Kpop O.O


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