Sneaky snippet: Iconiq - Ladies

News on this chick has been slow since Light ahead dropped. And her announced Spring return to the scene with a new single was quickly wiped from her official website only days after it was made public. But a preview of another new song has just surfaced, which leaves us hopeful that we'll get new music from Iconiq real soon. This new ish is sounding like a bit of a jam jam. And if there is to be a video, I will need to see Iconiq bald and popping her pussy.

Listen: Ladies

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"Ladies" is produced by DJ Taku of M-Flo and it sounds every bit like an M-Flo joint. The hook sounds bananas! I love how Iconiq sounds. She seems to come to the forefront of her songs more and more and sound increasingly confident with every new piece of material she drops. I love it when growth comes through in an artists music in all the right ways! (Beyoncé should take notes).

Iconiq is set to perform this song at this years' Girls awards on April 29. Hopefully we'll get a video of it.

I'm hoping this will mean a new album from this woman this year, because Change myself was my SHAT!!


  1. Her other snippet is better but this song is tight.

    Though the expiration date on career in Japan is coming fast since the backlash against has been fierce and she is like the few Jpn. singers that netizens in Japan hate (Any Utube vid of hers is full of hate). Due to the fact she lied and is two-faced.

    Also I like Iconiq, but the money spent on her has gone to waste and AVEX should have used all that promotion money on Maki Goto, cause all that chick needs is some publicity.

  2. I don't know her story but why the hate?

  3. Nevermind just read about her. So she reinvented herself, so what. Ppl do that every day of the week. I thought the chick was up on murder charges or something. Nothing wrong that I can see. Carry on :) Song does sound promising.

  4. @

    no she shit talked about Japan everyday in Korea to become popular,like we are the devil,then when she flopped she ran back to Japan,with a shit load of surgery, and expects us to accept her.

    No thank you, stay in Korea bitch

  5. Didn't see anything about that.


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