"Cassie who?!" Our thoughts exactly


Cassie appears in the latest issue of Blank magazine. And that main title of her feature spread just echoes what everybody be thinking. Cassie who?! Ahhh, that chick who f**ked Ryan Leslie for beats and is now acting as Diddy's main trick to try and keep that record deal for a release which has as much chance of seeing the light of day as Kate Middleton dropping a single featuring Rick Ross.

Chick has that model swag. She looks great in photo's, but she needs to just give up music. Modelling stays happening. But the music stopped happening 3 years ago. What exactly has this chick done of relevance over the past 2 years aside from shave half of her head, appear in a Chris Brown video and show the world her vagina?

Cassie, if you happen to pass this blog, please e-mail me to let you know whether you got my letter. I sent it ages ago and have yet to receive a response.

Cassie Ventura heats up Blank magazine!! @ Photographers Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold


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