Music video: Coldplay - Every teardrop is a waterfall

Ke$ha can take her neon glow paint and shove it up her keg sized vagina. I'd rather kick it at Coldplay's raves than her's, and I never thought I'd ever say that.

"Every teardrop is a waterfall" was a hit from the band posted it on their website. And Coldplay's performance at Glastonbury was just the final nail to the wall postering the success of this song.

I'm rather looking forward to Coldplay's forthcoming album. The only Coldplay album I really liked was A rush of blood to the head, which was party (pretty much solely because) I f**king love the hell out of "In my place", which for me is one of Coldplay's best songs. But this single and continuously growing energy the band seem to have garnered from XandY onwards is working it's magic on me. I'm looking forward to hearing what they bring to my speakers for their new set. 


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