Album arts & tracklisting: Ayumi Hamasaki - 5

Ayumi Hamasaki - 5 [DVD + CD edition] | Album art Ayumi Hamasaki - 5 [CD only edition] | Album art

These overly photoshopped messes are the album covers to Robot face's forthcoming mini album. Yes. This bitch is back on the grind with a new release. The day this woman decides to take more than a year off from music, is the day Avex is in trouble. Because Ayu be keeping people on payrolls.

These covers are Adobe'd to absolute death! Is that DVD + CD edition cover even a photo!? It looks like a damn CG render. Hot mess. But I'm liking the CD edition. Robot face looks hot. Very 1980's Madonna. And one of her first album covers in quite a while where she's played up the sex. Could she be feeling the looming hand of Kumi Kohovah reaching for her wig? Perhaps it's the reason why she decided to ditch it and rock her natural hair. P'ah! Like Kumi cares. She'll pull a bitches shit out of the roots like Princess Toadstool on a turnip in Super Mario bros. 2.

There is also a third album cover which features anime artwork, in a nod to one of the songs from Five featuring on the PlayStation 3 RPG Tales of Xillia.

  1. Why... featuring Juno
  2. Beloved
  3. Progress
  4. ANother song featuring Urata Naoya
  5. Brilliante

  1. Why... featuring Juno (Music video)
  2. Beloved (Music video)
  3. Progress (Music video)
  4. ANother song featuring Urata Naoya (Music video)
  5. Brilliante (Music video)
  6. Why... featuring JUNO (The making of the video)
  7. Beloved (The making of the video)
  8. Progress (The making of the video)
  9. ANother song featuring Urata Naoya (The making of the video)
  10. Brilliante (The making of the video)

In true Ayu fashion every damn song on the mini album will come with its own music video. Ayumi has been falling off with some of her videos as of late. I remember the days when this bitch was throwing down Legend of Zelda style treasure chests of money to get videos shot. Now she be pulling budgets out of her purse. I need an overblown, expensive video from this woman. And I need it NAOW!


  1. haha she looks like a soul calibur character in the first picture. Kind of like Ivy.

  2. They photoshopped the CD+DVD cover to the point where her fingers look like plastic. No lines, wrinkles, knuckles, nothing.

  3. Yeah she always overphotoshops but you gotta admit these covers are cool :D
    I just wish she'd take at least 2 years between albums to create more hype around her return, Avex are pimping her TOO much...
    I loved "Love songs" though so i'll check this and i agree with J, Avex need to dig deeper into the coffers coz we all know Ayu is bringin in more than enough to cover some bigger budget video's, It's one of the things she's known for and they need to splash OUT.

    And lol... watch Kumi have an almost identicle cover on her nect album, The "Rock n Roll Circus"/"Deja Vue" thing was rediculous.


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