Beyoncé performs "Best thing I never had" on Jimmy Fallon in her small ass dress

Beyoncé - Best thing I never had @ The Jimmy Fallon show | Live performance

Beyoncé stays on her grind promoting this Baywatch theme meets "Irreplaceable" flop "Best thing I never had". Still, I admire her hustle. Although one must say, her hustale isn't as hard and as aggressive as was for her last two albums. It's almost as though she doesn't care any more. But still caring way more than Britney.

Never have I heard Beyoncé sing like this before. Never! She sounded really horse, as though she had a sore throat. But I loved it. She sounded seductively husky, was going really deep with a lot of her notes and had this great texture which I loved. Beyoncé needs to take up some smoking and keep her voice like this. Even with a sore throat, the Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs stays throwing other chicks' vocals under a freight train.

Album review: 4. The number of bitches scalped with its release


  1. sho you right!!! this was such an enjoyable performance - that huskiness was really nice. kinda like a flash of her voice 10 years into the future. i LOL'ed at her "thank you guys", she sounded like a MAN!!! :D


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