Dal★Shabet's Music core "Bling bling" is trash trash.

Dal★Shabet - Bling bling @ Music core | Live performance

Dal★Shabet had me sprung with "Pink rocket". That song was EVERYTHING! It was a rip off of something you would have expected from those sticks known as Girls' generation, but there was no denying how hot the song was. The Girls' generation wannabe's are back with a new single and boy have these girls have fallen off. A terrible follow up single and a live performance consisting or stale dance steps and outfits from the 70's bargain bin of a Seoul thrift store. Girls, bye.

There is not a single redeeming aspect of what I just witnessed. Outdated garbage which sounds like a bonus stage theme from a 2D Sonic the hedgehog game - which quite frankly is a disgrace to the untouchable classics of the Sonic the hedgehog soundtracks. Dal★Shabet could go and hide under a rock and nobody would miss them, because there is nothing to them. Dal★Shabet had better enjoy their moment now and milk it for all it's worth. Because if Girls' generation make their Korean comeback in September as planned,  Dal★Shabet won't need to hide under a rock, the SNSD-bots will throw them under it.


  1. I never thought i'd say, but i want snsd back soo much. There j invasion is not doing alot for me.

  2. J said: outfits from the 70's bargain bin of a Seoul thrift store. Girls, bye.

    LMAO, Who the hell thought those outfits were a good idea.

  3. I cannot stop laughing at these outfits. It's like they rolled out of bed and said " hey let's shoot a video".


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