Hyuna attempts Hip-hop...and fails

Hyuna featuring Zico - Follow me @ Inkigayo | Live performance

Hyuna catches a hit with her solo set, wins an award or two and she thinks she run this mutha!

This girl has gone from ripping off a dozen household names in Pop with her "Bubble pop" nonsense, to Rick Ross'in on a Wanksta Hip-hop joint. I don't know what this girl is thinking. But she's needs to get her head checked, start acting right and never touch Hip-hop again.

Between the Garageband Hip-Hop_001 demo that was the beat of this song and the forced 'hood swagger' of Zico and Hyuna, I damn near threw up in my own mouth. I'm really not trying to hear Korea do legitimate Hip-Hop, because quite frankly...they can't. Eazy-E is spinning in his grave like a Lamborghini rim at this mess.

Hyuna. Please stick to catchy pop ditties, dances which involve spreading your legs and whipping hair from side-to-side. You is not a gangsta bitch. Stay in your damn lane.

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  1. The bitch is confused to many fans been telling her shit, she legit thought she was hip hop.
    And what kinda lazy ass performance, your just gunna stand with your back to the audience for the whole performance. smh


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