Iconiq is still alive. Doing God knows what with her life.

Iconiq has her wine. She has alotta hair. And she has her nails did. It's a shame she didn't do something about her career whilst she was as it.

What the hell happened to Light ahead!? What happened to this new song she was supposed to drop in the Spring? Bitch, it's Summer now! Where is the music video "Ladies"? Why has her website not been updated for months? Iconiq needs to do something. Shave her head again. Pop her p***y in the middle of Shibuya crossing. Announce a Starbucks tour. Something! Every chick on Avex is getting a 2011 release but her it seems. Kumi and Ayu are ready to shut it down in August. And you know Namie will probably be slating something for the end of the year. And do you know what the worst thing is? If Iconiq were to prep a second studio album, it'd probably shit all over Kumi, Ayu and Namie's forthcoming releases. Because this chick's studio game is on POINT! And her A&R man don't play. Change myself is still that good-good. And the song "Light ahead" still gets serious plays from me.

Album reviews: Iconiq's debut: Change myself | The bitch ain't dead. But she may as well be if she can already see the Light ahead


  1. omg! you just said everything i have been thinking of. she is like constantly posting pictures on her twitter of her doing the most random shit. we want new music already. her site still has this dumb banner which says new song this spring, wtf? and that song she did with aili or whatever that bitch is called was just okay, not more. and her extensions looked so fucking bad like she made them herself.
    anyway change myself album to me was the best jpop record of whole 2010. and i agree with u that she has the potential to do a record which will shit on everything else.


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