Jessica looks pissed off. Bitch can't catch a break.

Girls' generation's Jessica is in a huff | Snapped
Jessica posted this picture of herself. Bitch looks like she is ready to snatch somebody's fried chicken, coffee, dinner, husband, wig and their iPhone. She was probably shown her schedule between now and and 2015 moments before this picture was taken. If I was thrown a schedule like Girls' generation's I'd be pissed off too.

It is indeed looking like Girls' generation will be making a comeback in Korea this year too. In September word has it. It is too soon. And we know these frail bitches are overworked. But it's happening and there ain't a damn thing a lawyer, human rights protection or these girls' parents can do about it. Even poor Sooyoung who was involved in a car accident recently was probably having to listen to the new material on her iPod in her hospital bed and memorize all of the words. Not sure why though. It's not like the bitch sings.

SNSD's Jessica reveals a rare scowling selca @ allkpop


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