Music video: Beyoncé - 1 + 1

What in the hell is this mess!? Did this robot go and blow all of its music video budget on "Run the world (Hoes)"!? That music video budget be so tight, that Beyoncé couldn't even have Melina hook her up on that cheap package deal she got put on for B'Day. She straight had Angela Beyince film this shit on her HTC, whilst Daniel Julez ran around her with his Fisher price torch and Tinna Knowles stood at the top of a step ladder pouring water into her weave with a watering can.

This whole 4 roll out has just been one big fat hot mess. If Beyoncé was going to drop a video for "1 + 1", she should have dropped it when the song was first made available on iTunes. And frankly, she shouldn't have even bothered. Because the back stage rehearsal of the song filmed by her hubby sold it better than any music video could and any live performance has so far. Bye. The only thing that could save 4lop now is a fly arse video for "End of time" and I wonder if even that would have any impact now.

Album review: Beyoncé's algeba turns up 4


  1. This shit is a hot garbage, cheap, ragged mess. Even by Beyonce's low budget music video standards. They didn't even give her a proper wig. That shit was the most ragged part of the whole video. I guess her and Rihanna must share hair stylists. SMDH I know that bitch and her husband have the money to splurge on a fly ass music video. Then again, all of her singles thus far are under performing, and if she thinks that this rubbish that sounds like it was written by a two year old imitating a nursery rhyme will perform better than her past singles then she has lost her damn wig. Tina Knowles needs to loosen up that lace front because Beyonce has been falling off big time. She better roll out the end of time correctly or it will be another flop from 4lop. I don't get it; These big time celebrities love to accompany their songs with dusty ass videos.

  2. wait wait wait now....what on earth were you expecting? it's not like this song conjures up images of beyonce p**** popping and grinding on a pole or some craziness like that. the song itself is not some super-produced single with effects everywhere, so why should the video be more than that? i think the video is quite fitting for the nature of the song. those first shots looked like some cgi stuff, she looked like she was made from gold or something. she gets a thumbs up from my corner!!!


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