Music video: Girls' generation - Bad girl

Were these girls really in an empty car park or not? At times it looked like their surrounding may have been CGI'd. But then I thought surely a director would not green screen a damn car park. It's a f**king car park. Not the deep recesses of Narnia.

I hate this video. Love the song. But hate the video. There was WAY too much smiling for a song about acting like an ill mannered tramp creeping on the low. None of these girls should have been smiling. They should have been whipping hair and working waists real slow.

Slave Monger entertainment need to crack a whip on these sticks and have them shoot a video for "The great escape". That song right there is my JAM!! It's that good-good Janet Jackson style throwback.

Album review: Girls' generation go Japanese


  1. Didn't notice the smiling but the change to colourful outfits in the 2nd verse didn't work, and I thought the dancing got messy towards the end. Song is growing on me though!

  2. The routine was bogus, bullshit half of them looked as if they cant dance. And i want to draw eeveyones attention to Hyeoyon's walk at the end. Pure fuckery

  3. That's because they really can't dance! You know what's really fuckery??? the crazed k-pop fans on youtube saying that these robotic bitches dance better than BOA. These delusional k-pop fans are beginning to piss me off. I can't even read the comments on videos anymore.


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