Music video: Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis

This video was pretty much all about the braggadocio of We got so much money, that we're gonna take a Maybach and custom it the f**k out and make shit look like some shit out of Back to the future. I wasn't wholly impressed. I'm not really into cars. But I liked how care free Jay-Z and Kanye came off in this video. You can see how close the two of them are. And that aside from comparing ego's across a whole LP together and being wholly self centered, that they genuinely are good friends. And that perhaps Watch the throne was simply just the result of two guys having a bit of fun together in the studio and making something of it, and not the finely tuned and planned project some may claim it to be.

I've listened to Watch the throne, and I don't think it's that great. I love two songs off of it ("Lift off" and "N***a's in Paris"). But find the rest of it forgettable. And feel that Kanye and Jay should have gone with their initial plan and just left it as an EP. It would have been a much stronger set as a result. My only real lasting impression of the album was "Damn. I want Frank Ocean to drop his debut album right the f**k now!".


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