Music video: Kumi Koda featuring Teeda - Poppin' love cocktail

I hate this song. I hate this video.


  1. Oh god, terrible song but more than anything I wanted to step into the video and shout at Kumi - the amount of times she took her hands off the wheel to pose for the camera...I hope she never campaigns in a 'drive safely' ad. WORST. DRIVER. EVA.

  2. @lilithdarkstorm what do you expect? She's asian and a woman double whammy!! lol jk jk and the video and song are god awful. Every time I hear the "You looks like horny" line I cringe. Terrible. And who is this fucking queerdo shuffling all over the place.

  3. actually the song is really good and the video is very funny. what's your problem guys?

  4. -___- ^^^ Trololol


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