Music video: Kumi Koda - In the air

We've seen Kumi do this video numerous times before, so there is nothing new here.

I would love to know many sofa's this woman plans to writhe around on in her future music videos. Bitch should do a commercial tie-in with Sofa world with the amount she's ground her arse into so far.

"In the air" is one of my favourite songs from 4 times. I love the 80's vibe and how relaxed and easy going it feels. Nothing about it feels overly done or forced, as is the case with "V.I.P" and "Poppin' love cocktail". And if Kumi could level up her Engrish, she could have a solid crack at a Western chart with this too.

Kumi. I'll let you get away with these dusty ass music videos when the songs they're for are on point. But bitch, please. You need to work on that smile. We do not need to see every tooth in your head. We know you got your grill fixed. It's old news now. Less teeth. More p***y.


  1. I do love 'Anytime' and 'You're so Beautiful' so I like this too. Cute song

  2. This video and song were both dusty in my opinion.

  3. Melvin R said...
    This video and song were both dusty in my opinion.


    But I do like the song. It does have a nice feel about it.

  4. This is a sort of song you'd listen to on a Sunday morning after a hangover from a wild party on Saturday night.

  5. =O This song may just be my favorite song EVER by her! The video just looks like she walked across the street after shooting the video for "Anytime", changed her clothes, and put on a wig! ROFLMFAO at your comment about the smile! I LOVE IT! XDD


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