Music video: Kumi Koda - Ko-so-ko-so

At this point I feel I should outline what I've wanted from Kumi's videos for far too long now, and tell you why the Kumi in this video is not the Kumi I've been running to rooftops and shining a light for. I want skanKumi. The woman who wears hoed out outfits. Pops her p***y like Psycho Mantis is moving her vagina with his mind. Jiggles her titties. Has ratted out hair extensions and is just a complete tramp. Sure, Kumi is writhing around on a bed with another woman and delivers a video which some may class as softcore porn with this "Ko-so-ko-so". But this was not skanKumi. Does this mean I do not like the music video for "Koso koso"? Hell no. I loved it!

In Kumi's defence, this video was rather classy in comparison to some of her past music videos ("Juicy" anyone!?) It was certainly a damn sight classier than "V.I.P" (grabbing her vagina on the dance-floor, writhing around with two men and throwing drinks in hoes faces is straight up classless). "Ko-so-ko-so" is not a classless video. It's seductively sexy. If anything, this video probably would have come off worse and more X-rated if it featured Kumi getting freaky on a bed with a guy. I liked the sensuality between the two ladies in this video. And there not being any real sex just made it even sexier. This video totally tapped into my love of foreplay. Sorry if that was too much information for you.

Madonna done threw down that lesbian X-rated filth gauntlet in 1990 with "Justify my love". So compared to that, "Ko-so-ko-so" ain't a damn thing and is tame in comparison any way. Well shot and captivating and felt right. Giving us enough, but not giving too much. And the song rocks too. Although the video will probably overshadow it completely.

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  1. hahaha I agree. Kumi has always been the only J-pop ho to pull of the skank image successfully without it seeming forced haha. I miss the Kumi in Juicy. Despite the song being flith along with the video I loved it. Definitely, my fave song and video from her. haha She was channeling the slut we know and love all the way through, humping every object in sight and grabbing genitals. She needs to get back to that now. Although I like this song and video.

  2. I keep bouncing back and forth between thinking the video is scandalous and boring. The groping and touching between the females sometimes looks sexy, other times since nothing is coming from it or as a result of it, I then think it’s superficial and unexciting.
    Regardless how I feel about the video though, I do like the song. The best track of her new single. Happy 50th single Koda Kumi!


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