Music video: Kumi Koda - V.I.P

That white girl let a ho throw a drink in her face and didn't do a damn thing about it! Why? Because the drink was thrown by Kumi Kehovah. What's a bitch gonna do!? The drink-in-the-face was probably a euphemism for how Kumi feels about Ayumi Hamasaki. I bet Kumi is dying to throw a drink in Ayu's robot face and then smash a wine bottle over her head. Gash her shit open so that she has no choice but to wear wigs for the rest of her life, giving Kumi further incentive to want to snatch each and every one.

This video wasn't as great as the teaser led us to believe it would be. The dancing was as ragged as hell. The editing was a complete mess. And we kept getting shown the same thing too often for too long. And for all of the p***y grabbing, floor splits and sofa cavorting with 2 topless guys - I still didn't think Kumi was giving me enough skanknicity. Everything about this video felt to tame, deliberate and controlled. If you're going to be a skank, be a damn skank! Don't half arse it. Looks like it's all on "Ko-so-ko-so".

And the song is a steaming hot mess. I hate it. It's like Kumi's "Universe", meets Missy Elliott and Ciara's "Lose control", meets garbage.


  1. I agree with you - I got tired of the same shots during the chorus, and the whole "threesome" she was having with those dudes just looked bland and boring, they randomly kiss her whilst she pushes them away, then they kiss her again, why was the point? And the girl just disappears after being thrown water on her face - it was funny at first but again it leads to nothing.

  2. Let's both sit and stew in our complete and utter disappointment at this crap video *sits and stews*

  3. I'm going to need Kumi to come correct with the skank in the ko-so-ko-so video. That's usually the only redeeming factor for me. I usually don't like her songs at first listen, but if she manages to slut it up enough in the p.v she can make her songs some what tolerable. Although ko-so-ko-so isn't a bad song.

  4. I liked the song at first but the novelty has worn off now.

    All I needed of this video was the drink getting thrown in the face. Someone has made a GIF of that moment by now and therefore this video is unnecessary.


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