Music video: Lady Gaga - Yoü and I

I'm not entirely sure what was going on in this video. There were mermaid's, p***y popping in corn fields, p***y poppin' wearing Darkstalker Morrigan's wig in a stable, Gaga running in platform shoes and Male Gaga groping a bitch on a piano. Best video to come out of Born this way so far. Which isn't saying much given the ragged videos she's dropped from it so far. That "Edge of glory" video was the hottest of messes that I didn't think Lady Gaga would even allow.


  1. This is a hot mess too. This song sounds like some Country/ Rock Music/Gay Club record hybrid. This shit is garbage. Also, this isn't even the type of song to p*ssy pop to.

  2. I don't listen to this song on her album. Don't care for it except on rare occasions. I don't want to watch the video though. Not interested. I'm only here for Darkstalker Morrigan. She's the shit in MVC3. I hate that stupid unnecessary umlaut too.

  3. i like how she keeps switching up the game to reach EVERYBODY, but this just doesn't work for me. i think she sounds EXACTLY like shania twain on parts of the verses and chorus. and what's that nebraska name-dropping all about?


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