Music video: Leona Lewis - Collide

♪ YOW! MAKE! MAY FEEL LIKE I'M LIVING A TEEN- ♪ Whoops. Wrong song.

All I could think as I watched this was...
  1. This upcoming third album could be Leona's last before she's relegated to singing on cruise ships
  2. Leona's wig looks like its trying to eat the whole of her head
Okay. So perhaps this whole video just gave me Katy Perry vibes. Leona's just straight jacking with this new era of hers. First songs, now music video concepts.

"Collide" is a complete switch of gears for Leona, and we'll see soon enough if it pays off. It seems to me that Leona's team do not know what to do with her image and her sound. "Collide" will get a spin or two in a gay club and spots around club destinations in Europe. But there's nothing distinct about it for it to become a mainstay on any chart. And for all of Leona's soaring notes and powerful belts, she has very little prescence on the song overall.

The only song Leona Lewis did which signaled a surprising musical shift I was fully behind was "Outta my head". But nobody seemed to have any love for that song. Jebus knows why, because it was EVERYTHING! The production was on point. Leona sounded amazing on it. The hook was winning. And it had ridiculous chart topping potential. Bitch even brought the moves when she performed it live. But that ship done sailed. And now we're on this outdated dance doo-doo.

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