Music video: Sugababes - Freedom

I had to force myself to watch this through to the end because it was so damn boring. The girls look nice. Jade can open her legs really wide. And Amelle can convincingly cavort with a female. But pretty much every other girl group in the UK is able to do all of these things. Has already done these things. And is doing them better. 

Sugababes were never about songs and or music videos like this. Fitting. Given the tramps in this video aren't really Sugababes at all. 

All this video did was make me want to watch "Freak like me". A video in which the Sugababes the nation loved and treasured did the club, but did it in their own unmistakable way which didn't come off clich├ęd and desperate how this "Freedom" mess did.


  1. My god that got old quickly.
    Is it me or was this video released with very little fanfare? I remember a time when a Sugababes single release from a new album was a big deal; the song would be blasted all over the radio, music video all over TV...I've seen no sight of this or heard it at all outside of that Nokia advert they sometimes paste on youtube...and you can skip it!

  2. I didn't watch the video, as I was going to do so after reading the post but I never knew these broads touched "Freak Like Me." Due to my love for the original, I didn't like this version, not one bit.

    Now I don't even want to watch the video no more *grump!*

    I don't know them that well but I remember that one song 'Hole In The Head' which came on radio in America and I wondered what happened to them after that.

  3. Ok even though i still like all the girls i'm beginning to think they should have just changed the name of the group when Keisha got kicked out or left themselves (as they'd intended) and set up their own group, that way there would have been no backlash against them and the good name of the Sugababes would remain untainted.

    HOW E VERRR i do like "Freedom" it shit's on anything on "Sweet 7" (except "About a girl") and sounds more "sugababes" than anything on that album but this vid is a mess.
    If i were Sony and i had just Signed them i'd be pumping Ca$h into them to get ATTENTION but this looks like it cost less than Mutya's weekly mannicure...
    I was expecting a light and bright vid to go with the theme but i do actually like the colour scheme here, it's the lack of ANYTHING happening that kills it for me... Even the "Get sexy" vid was more interesting, a video with something of a plot like "About you now" would have been much better...

    I can't hate on them coz all 3 girls are nice and tallented and i will buy the album if it's good but i'll be waiting for it to be 2 for £10 in HMV before i cop it lol #JustSaying


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