Music video: Yuya Matsushita - Lonely rain

Well I'll be damned. Yuya has dropped a song I like! I would have expected something like this from Daichi Miura, but never this guy. But he does a great job with this. And the video suits the song perfectly. Japan only really drops 2 types of videos to song such as this: A video with the artist in one look (two if you're really lucky) walking around / sitting whilst singing and doing nothing else. Or a dramatic love fueled J-drama episode condensed into the space of four minutes.


  1. Maybe someone more experienced with the Japanese culture/music industry could explain this to me: why is it that hip-hop or RnB singles never hit the top 10 on Oricon, while singles by overtly annoying girl groups and rather annoying female singers with ear-shattering high pitch voices sell out like hotcakes? The Japanese RnB scene has SO MUCH DAMN TALENT, and it's seriously going to waste. You've got back in the day singers and groups like DOUBLE, Foxxi MissQ, M-Flo, and etc that seemed like they never got any limelight...and recent talents like Shota Shimizu, BENI, Yu-A, etc seem to get much less exposure than the carbon copy pop stars the industry seems to produce. Is it just less appealing to the Japanese psyche, or is RnB just newer genre in the Japanese mainstream?


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