Namie Amuro sells a damn lie in her make up commercial

This bitch is back on yo' Japanese TV's selling Kosé make-up. Making us all wish that Father Time will leave us the f**k alone how he seems to have done Namiserable Amuro.

I hope chicks aren't getting ideas about that foundation having them look as good as Namie does in this video. Namie's skin is damn near perfect as it is (she must be f**king Father Time) and I'm sure there was some CGI goin' on as well. Because Namie was looking borderline how she did on that Best fiction album cover. She's still a fly ass bitch though. And your fave could never.


  1. hahaha She does look like something out of a video game. She looks good nonetheless. I think she's going to be young forever...well as long as she's in the limelight lol.


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