Skinny Shindong

Skinny Shindong? | Snapped
The plus sized irrelevant member of Super Junior that is Shindong posted a picture of himself and errrbody is now talking about how skinny he looks. To be 100% unfair to the guy, any big person with an oversized tote bag covering a third of their body would look slimmer in profile. Just saying.

I could be nice and say he looks good (he does), but I won't (I take it back). One can't forget how this dude turned around and pretty much said (and I am paraphrasing) it's cool for him to be fat because he's a guy, but it's not okay for a girl. As if girls young Korean girls being bombarded with under fed celebs isn't reason enough for plummeting self satisfaction with their bodies. He goes and adds to the size -3 epidemic.

When is Kang-in back?

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