VMA 2011: Adele brings the house down with nothing but a song

Adele - Someone like you @ 2011 VMA's | Live performance

UK chart topper Adele has gone way and beyond standard levels of success ever since releasing her sophomore album 21. Topping charts on both sides of the Atlantic and having everybody sing her praises, she's gone from strength to strength. And all she's done is just sing her own songs. No gimmicks. No flash music videos. No scandals. Just singing the absolute shit out of her songs. And she did just that at this years' MTV Video music awards.

This performance stuck out like a sore thumb, because it pretty much goes against everything most artists want their VMA performances to be - which is a complete spectacle of sorts. But as Adele herself told Rolling stone:
I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears
As much as I love an artist who can bring a visual spectacle, it's refreshing to have Adele coming along and go against that grain. She also sets a wonderful example for those who say that only auto-tuned Dr. Luke and Max Martin-fests can become hits. And that girls have to be stick thin, have blonde hair running down their backs and be willing flaunting themselves to be a success on the pop charts. I hope the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna felt redundant for a hot minute as they witnessed this.


  1. I was waiting for you to post on Adele. She's a breath of fresh air, who seems to have developed an extensive fan base. Many of my friends who don't usually listen to the type of music that adele releases are fans of her. I love everything she stands for, and I hope she manages to stay afloat without engaging in scandals or relying on gimmicks.

  2. I was sat turned around in my computer chair, eyes transfixed on the tv screen during this entire performance. It was amazing and, as you said, she did nothing but stand there and sing. The tone and inflection in her voice gave us more emotion than Britney Spears has in her entire career.

  3. I LOVE Adele she's amazing and everytime she sings this song it's like the first time for me BUT i have to be honest i WISH she'd get off her ass and film a vid for "Set fire to the rain", I'm so sick of being bombarded by "Rolling in the deep" and "Someone like you" now ~_~

    She is a great artist and person though and i'm glad she's getting all this success and still manages to stay 100% grounded (LOL as i'm typing this "Set fire to the rain" came on the radio).

    P.S @Junlee why are you and @J SO pressed by Britney?! seriously... Britney has given some great emotional songs (E.G "Everytime") why don't you come for some other bitch like Shitga??? #JustSaying

  4. I won't get into how I think Britney's voice has the emotional range of a brick (I guess I just did). I'll admit that I shouldn't have even brought her up considering this post has nothing to do with her.


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