VMA 2011: Beyoncé puts her love and child on top

Beyoncé - Love on top @ 2011 VMA's | Live performance

Britney received her achievement award nonsense and then was made to introduce Beyoncé in the same breath. And Beyoncé managed to have the crowd on their feet and more into her performance than the Britney tribute. But the bitch wasn't done yet. She then overshadowed Britney's shit further by working her pregnancy into the performance. This whole performance put Britney right in a corner. The one with the most shade. Check out one of Beyoncé's most glowing and best performances of the 4 era so far. She actually gave us Beyonce the human being. Well, she ain't human. But she played it nicely here.

Beyoncé's performances have hit that point where there's nothing more to say. She just makes it all look so easy. Even though Beyoncé's 4 era has been a bit of a mess, I do love the sense of confidence she has. And that she's just doing what she's doing as though she has nothing to prove - which she doesn't really. She's still yet to drop a classic album. But in terms of her musical ability and her live stage talent game; she really does have zilch to prove to us all. The simplicity of this performance and the little nods to Michael Jackson made this a winner. She mimed large chunks of this set. But still, she managed to captivate without so much as a p***y pop. Although you could see she wanted to pop it...really, really badly.

I wasn't a huge fan of this song when I first heard the album. The only thing which stopped me from hating it was that it reminded me of Sonic the hedgehog. But as was the case with "End of time", the live performance sold it to me. And once again we have what should have been a single.

The sappy little bitch in me couldn't stop smiling as Beyoncé rubbed little unborn Decepticon Carter Knowles. The smile she gave, Kanye and Jay-Z's exchange, the crowd's response - priceless! It was such a sweet moment, and so unlike anything you would expect Beyoncé to do. Particularly in lieu of her previously going to lengths such as never wearing her wedding ring in public. Jay-Z was glowing at the thought of finally becoming a father to the woman he clearly loves and seemed the most surprised out of everybody. The bombing of "Run the world (Girls)" must have hit a bitch so hard that she went home after seeing the Billboard chart position, put on that one special wig which isn't sprayed with birth control and let Jay to hit it raw until she fell pregnant. It obviously worked.

Even though it seemed she was fighting having a child for so long, she seems genuinely happy to finally be having one. We'll see how she feels in 5 months time when she can't do a damn thing but sit and eat, and them titties start parting ways across her rib cage and down her back.

The big news: Beyoncé is pregnant. The Decepticon is coming
Album reviews: Beyoncé's algeba = 4


  1. "She actually gave us Beyonce the human being" LOL

  2. As always, she performed well. I only saw the second half of the VMA's and out of all the performances, I only enjoyed her performance and Adele's.

  3. It reminded you of sonic the hedgehog? O_o wow hmmm that is interesting. I think I actually see why too


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