VMA 2011: Chris "Take you down" Brown flies all over the f**king place

Chris Brown - Yeah!x3 + Beautiful people @ 2011 VMA's | Live performance

Chris Brown's wasn't so much a form of redemption for going Super Street Fighter IV on Rihanna's face, as it was a chance for him to out-do his performance at the 2007 VMA - where he leap frogged from table to table and shut the game down SO strong that we forgot Britney's train wreck performance of "Gimme more" at the start of the night. But only for a minute.

Chris Brown will always be a wife beating n***a. But his dance game is bulletproof. We could have done without the Wu-Tang and Nirvana though. It added nothing to the performance. But his routine to "Beautiful people" was hot. It's just a shame he kept getting yanked into the air so often. It hit a point where it was almost too much, and I just wanted to see him stay on the ground and actually dance.

Much like Britney, I have no idea why Chris Brown gets given microphones during his 'live performances', because the boy does not sing live what-so-ever.


  1. Maybe i'm in denial because I hate this wife beating n*gga and his legion of loyal groupies who give anything to get a beat down by him, but I didn't like the performance. All the flying around was wack to me, and pink did this before and much better might I add. haha yes the performance was completely mimed, but unlike Brittney, he actually dances.

  2. I think all of the flying ruined what could have been a hot performance.


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