The Wonder girls cover B.o.B and Bruno Mars

The Wonder girls - Nothin' on you @ | Live performance

As the Wonder girls wonder around North America doing pretty much nothing, they stopped by Billboard's studios to perform an acoustic cover of B.o.B and Bruno Mars' smash hit "Nothin' on you". And it turned out pretty damn well!

A part of me was hoping Lim would slip and sing ♪ n***a ♪. But she kept on top of that game with the raps.

Sohee can't sing for shit. But Yenny can play the piano, sing the damn thing and SunYe can shut it down with the ad-libs, so these girls already have more talent than half the K-Pop hoes in South Korea.

I wish JYP would settle on what he wants to do with these girls. Either hurry up and record that English language album or have them run Korea. The longer he keeps them under the radar the easier they'll be forgotten about. Around 200 girl groups have popped up in between The Wonder girls "2 different tears" and now.


  1. SunYe shut this performance down for me. Sohee sounded like fart. Her voice sounded so raspy and flat the entire performance. They should have just sat her ass in a corner and turned off her microphone.

  2. Meh its ok. Charice's cover of Still The One on Billboard just shits all over this.


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