Beni teases again with "Darlin'"

Well, slap some fried out extensions and some press-on on me and call me a J-Pop star. Beni is pulling an Ayu with all of these PV snippets and quick succession of singles and albums!

Not that long ago we got "Crazy girl" and now we have "Darlin'". It's a shame this comes so soon after, as I think "Crazy girl" is more deserving of the spotlight and its chance to go the shine. But perhaps Nauya wave want this to service those who dig that familiar Beni sound that she's been associated with for her past 3 albums. In which case, this may not be such a bad move.

Despite Beni's Jewel album being well received by her fans and J-R&B lovers, Beni still came under fire due to her work with Daisuke Imai and his samey sound. Those who fall into that camp may wanna plug the ears for "Darlin'", as it sounds like Daisuke Imai is back on the case. I'm sure you can name at least two of Beni's older songs which this sounds like. I know I can...

The video looks cute, even if it is like "Gimme gimme" with balloons instead of make-up and shoes. And whilst the song is that same ol', same ol', it sounds like a good song. I just wish Beni would switch up her style more instead of just giving us what she's given before with stronger vocals. But I'll reserve full judgement until I hear the song in full and I hear this new album of her's.

Jewel was on the money and a giant leap in the right direction for Beni's sound. So she needs to come correct and take it all the way with the follow up.

Listen: Beni's gets a little crazy with "Crazy girl"
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  1. I like this one. D.I tracks tend to resonate with me. Glad to see BENI's on her album grind again. Wonder when it'll drop. Anytime between now and December would be perfect.


  3. ^ Thanks for that. Video was... interesting to watch. It had me wondering when the man was gonna come in. And Beni looked ravishing.


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