The Beyoncé songwriting scams continue on 4.

Beyoncé has turned tossing the salad after it's been made and claiming credit for making it into an art form. It's up there with her inability to keep her legs closed and make it through a routine without whipping her hair like she's possessed by the holy ghost, and then thrusting her vagina into the nearest camera when she's on stage.

With the Amazonian robot empress from the kingdom of lost wigs having a new album out, it of course it features some scammed credits. Trailing behind a bitch like Daniel Julez's pull away train on a rope. A Beyoncé album doesn't get mastered without a songwriting scam or two...or 4.

Beyoncé's credibility as a songwriter was thrown into question way back with Destiny's Child's Survivor. An album which had 17 of its 18 songs citing Beyoncé as a songwriter, and the full 18 listing Beyoncé as a producer or a co-producer. It's not impossible for a female artist to write and co-produce all of her own material. There are many who do it and do it brilliantly. Tori Amos, Hikaru Utada, Ayumi Hamasaki, Björk, Lady Gaga and Kumi Koda to name a few. But when stories begin to surface more than once that perhaps the album liner notes are not an accurate representation of the input that an artist had, then you do have to wonder. And the question as to whether Beyoncé writes and produces all of which she and her album liners say she has, has continued to buzz around Beyoncé like a bumble bee trying to make home in a her weave.

The order of which a songwriters name appears within the listed credits of a song has long been a debate. Such seemingly small trivial matters are one of the things which had John and Paul fall out during their time in The Beatles. It's somewhat of "a thing" that the list of songwriters on a song are ordered from who contributed the most to the least. However, there's nothing to prove this; and there are more arguments against this than there are those for it. Producers are also often credited as the writer of a song, even when they've contributed nothing lyrically to the song at all. Baring this in mind, it is rather telling that in many of 4's song credits, Beyoncé's is listed first as a songwriter and also as a producer on songs which we know existed long before she had gotten them. Beyoncé obviously seems to think that singing on a song means that you produced it. And being the person singing the song, that your name should be listed first as the songwriter of it. It doesn't work like this. Unless of course you have Beyoncé's money and power. After all... Money talks so that the album credits do. And if Beyoncé turns around to you and says "I like your song. But I won't record it unless I can be credited as a songwriter" to claim part of the royalties, are you really going to turn her down, knowing how big she'll make your record?

Beyoncé has continued to make out that she writes every one of her songs. Openly declaring that she writes songs from scratch, comes up with everything and pours her heart and bottles of lacefront glue into these songs. She even has Grammy's (which she should be giving back) to back this up. Grammy's people!! We're not buying it though. So let's run through B's latest release and poke at all of the songs which stink of a scam.

1 + 1 = She a lying bitch
Terius "The Dream" Nash had written a song called "Nothing but love" and had recorded it himself a good while back. The song then surfaces as "1 + 1" under the wig of Beyoncé. A song which probably had Prince throw up in his own mouth at a bitch completely jacking his style. Naturally, Beyoncé manages to snag a song writing credit and first billing as the song's producer. After all, screaming ♪ Make love to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♪ non-stop towards the end of the song is a songwriting contribution purely because it wasn't a feature of the original recording.

Best thing I never had was a songwriting credit until I scammed my way into one
Founding member of the songwriting collective The Clutch, Patrick "J. Que" Smith had mentioned that "Best thing I never had" was already written before Beyoncé or Babyface had come into the picture. And that once they had heard the song, they both had "a couple of things [they] wanted to tweak". This isn't concrete confirmation Beyoncé had no writing input into this song. But it at least brings to light that Beyoncé's so called tweaking could be how she warrants being listed as a songwriter alongside those who actually wrote portions of a song.

Legally, if an artist contributes so much as a word to a song, they're able to be listed as a songwriter and share the copyrights of it. But ethically, is this right?

Run the world (Girls who lie)
Beyoncé's female depowerment anthem "Run the world (Girls)" doesn't so much sample Major Lazer's "Pon de floor" as it does pretty much use the entire instrumental from it. There are a couple of notable tweaks to the music here and there, but it is pretty much the instrumental of the Major Lazer and Vybz Kartel assisted club banger.

The song writing credits cite the original songwriters of "Pon de floor", which it damn well should. No shady dealings here. But the shadiness starts when you look at the production credits. "Pon de floor" was produced by Major Lazer which is the collective of Dave "Switch" Taylor and Wesley "Diplo" Pentz. Yet, only Switch is listed as a producer for the song. Surely Diplo should have been credited too, or did we miss something? The Dream, Shea Taylor and Beyoncé are all listed within the capacities of being producers. Smells like everybody wanted to get all up in the kitchen for the sake of snagging some credits. There is no way to disprove this of course. But it smells fishy. Rather fitting that Beyoncé has her legs spread wide open on the page of the inlay which lists the credits for this song.

I was here. You wasn't. So you ain't getting credited for shit.
The only song on 4 on which Beyoncé did not manage to scam a songwriting credit for was "I was here". And this is no doubt because the song was written by the songwriting force of one that is Diane Warren. There was no way in hell that Beyoncé was going to be able to scam a songwriting credit from this woman. She probably tried her luck. But Diane Warren is bullet proof. If she wrote a song, she wrote it. And no amount of trying to change a word here or there, or mailing her unsolicited cheques is going to get your name alongside hers. Unless you sat your arse down in a studio and put pen to paper, fingers to laptop keys with her - your name is not appearing alongside Diane Warren's. PERIOD!

Beyoncé not being listed as a writer on Diane Warren's song is rather telling. As it may speak volumes for the fact that Diane Warren doesn't need Beyoncé's named tied to her songs to be any bigger or any more in-demand than she already is. In fact, in this case it's more than likely the opposite. You know you've hit a substantial level in your career when you're singing a song which has been written for you by Diane Warren.

All of the other songwriters and producers on 4 may have felt that they needed to relinquish control over their rights on a song to Beyoncé, because they know how big it will be for their careers to say they got on an album of hers. They know that Beyoncé will make their work a hit, which will get their name known and generate more work for them. Letting the Amazonian empress scam credit for their work is a small price they pay. Heather Bright brought this to light in her defense of Britney Spears, after the lethargic pop star came under fire for writing absolutely nothing on her 8th studio album Femme fatale.

Beyoncé, we see you. We're onto your schemes. You'd better super glue that wig the f**k down to that scalp.

Lay up under my lies
There's this dude who writes songs. You may have heard of him. His name is Sean Garrett. Just to give you some background info on this guy: He is the man behind the hits such as Beyoncé's "Check on it", Destiny's Child's "Lose my breath" and also the (s)hits Chris Brown's "Wall to wall", Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever you like" and other songs such as Britney's "Toy soldier" and that song for Blackout we STILL be hoping will leak in finalized form: "Kiss you all over". He's also that Donkey Kong looking man in Nicki Minaj's "Massive attack" video. Oh yeah. He wrote that too. That's him singing on the chorus.

Sean Garrett had released an album 3 years ago, which only myself and about 7 other people know exists. And the song "Lay up under me" featured on it. Sean Garrett wrote the song with Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen (collectively known to all of us as Stargate) who also produced the song. Now, we could give Beyoncé the benefit of the doubt and claim her version of "Lay up under me" is a different song. Only, it isn't. The song features a different second verse, but I'll leave it up to you to deduce whether Beyoncé wrote it herself or not and if she deserved to have her name listed first in the credits like she wrote this song from top to bottom.

Listen: Lay up under me (Beyoncé's version)

© 2011 Columbia records, Sony BMG music entertainment

Listen: Lay up under me (Sean Garrett's version)

© 2008 Bet I penned it music / Interscope records, Universal music group

Despite Sean Garrett being involved with Destiny's Child's last studio album, having a heavy hand in Beyoncé's solo album B'Day (you can blame him for the mess that is "Ring the alarm" and the brilliance of "Green light", "Get me bodied" and "Upgrade U") and I am...Sasha Fierce (you can blame that n***a for "Diva" and "Video phone" too) Sean Garrett contributes no songs to 4 other than the one Beyoncé stole a credit for. Perhaps he got tired of bitch taking credit for his shit. Main 4 contributor Shea Taylor also managed to score himself a songwriting credit for this song too. And from the looks of the album credits, he may have been co-scamming with Beyoncé - I'll give you the Lion's share of production for my album, under the basis I am listed as a songwriter and producer on every one of the songs you work on. Not so far fetched. Not in the slightest.

Beyoncé's name has been smeared through some serious dirt because of her shady dealings concerning songwriting. I thought it may stop after her father was kicked to the curb, along with her own ability to write a song. But I guess not. I dig Beyoncé. I am a fan of her music and live performances. But I'm not a fan of her being a complete sham with the songwriting. Even artists for whom song writing is their main craft are not trying to claw their way into getting a song writing credit on their material. There are several songs on Keri Hilson's No boys allowed on which she is not listed as a song writer at all. Keri was more than happy to let fellow songwriters such as Ester Dean pen songs for her. This just goes to show the difference in regards to songwriting integrity between honest folk like Keri Hilson and Beyoncé.

Darth Daddy Mathew Knowles seems to have instilled this notion in Beyoncé that nobody will take you seriously or buy into you unless your name is credited on every song (a point he pinned Rob Fusari down with after the producer caught wind of Beyoncé taking full credit for his work on "Bootylicious"). Mathew never once seemed to have made a point of the fact that dishonesty and taking credit for somebody else's work is not only ethically wrong, but it's stealing. Nasty traits which will taint an artist if their acts of unethical practices come to light - which they have many times in Beyoncé's case. Every album Beyoncé has put out has been plagued with songwriting scandals. Yet she continues to get away with it and come out unscathed. As though nothing happened. Her reputation still very much intact. Power is clearly a wonderful thing.

I've always made a note of how Brandy rarely writes any of her songs anymore. But is her artistry and music any less amazing because of it? Hell no. Afrodisiac trumps on each and every one of Beyoncé's solo albums which she claimed to have written 98% of, and yet Brandy only wrote one song on it. Having your name tied to the writing of every song does not automatically make you a better artist. It's nice to know an artist you love and idolize can write their own songs. But it's the quality of the songs which draws you. Not whether they wrote it or not. Nobody would dare say Diana Ross, Whitney Houston or Namie Amuro are any less of an artist because they do not write every single one of their songs.

Beyoncé is not only looking like a thieving bitch, but she is discrediting the craft of those who take song writing seriously by making out she is one of them, when she is not. I'm not saying Beyoncé has never written a song in her life. There are many juvenile songs within the B and DC discography which I'm willing to believe she wrote. But when every album she releases has a slew of songwriting scandals follow it, you find it difficult to believe where Beyoncé's pen game starts and where the lies end.

It would be a nice turn if Beyoncé stopped. But when she's managed to get away with it for so long - why on the kingdom of lost wigs would she stop now?

The Beyoncé song writing scam chronicles...


  1. Great commentary. Thanks for opening my eyes to "Lay Up Under Me," as well. I still prefer Sean Garrett's version. But, it does appear as Shea Taylor reproduced it. I don't think Stargate minded, either, because they probably know him from when they used to work with Ne-Yo together.

    But, the rest of this credit-stealing debacle... let's just say more people need to read this.

  2. And the question as to whether Beyoncé writes and produces all of which she and her album liners say she has, has continued to buzz around Beyoncé like a bumble bee trying to make home in a her weave.


    Great post, J.

  3. Great article J, loved the examples you gave, the images and I could tell you spent a good amount of time working on it.

    I also enjoyed the web page you linked with Britney's lack of song writing credits too - very interesting. I didn't realise that many artists do that, must be very frustrating for the actual songwriters!

  4. OH! you went in lol XD Seriously though, this is the reason i cannot STAND Beyonce... I do like some of her songs and i think she's an awsome live performer (mainly the way she gets the crowd going coz lord knows her pussy poppin/weave thrashin is old now) but this stuff about her stealing makes me dislike her so much...
    She's always been an undercover bitch right from the start, if this bitch was white (and i'm sure one day she will be) her name would be Regina George.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. You hit the hammer on the nail and built a house with the amount of truth you were laying down. You might want to consider investigative journalism. Thank you again for being my one stop shop for entertaining news from the East and the West!

  6. I agree 100%. I like some of her music. This makes me NOT wanna buy her new album 4. Ugh!!!! Beyonce' shoould NOT be taking credit as a song writer if she cleary didn't write any of the material on her current & past albums. She's very sneaky & a theif! I'm surprized that none of these talented songwriters known & un-known havn't put her blast by now. They need to, so her STANS & normal ppl of the world can see what she's doing. Not that they'd admit it cuz they prolly won't; same as how the King of Pop MJ fans won't admit he's gotten facial re-consructive surgery. Thats another story for another time lol. Anyway she needs to stop this scandalous activity of hers asap. Soon her money WON'T matter & noone will work w/her anymore period. Karma is a bitch & is sure to bite her in her ass. Its def not gonna feel gud. But thats what she'll deserve in the end. I thought she would've matured since her DC days but apparently not. Why would I expect much from someone who sounds ignorant everytime she opens her mouth? This yrs VMAS 2011, for her acceptance speech quote "I wanna thank the VMAS for supporting me & my crew." Are U Serious? How bout "Thank you VMAS for endorsing my career & management team throught the years." Is that too hard to ask? I doubt she was a scholar in high school. Beauty can only take you so far? Botox anyone???...............






  8. Hey Nathan im pretty sure your not in the music business so let me explain to you how it're not a co-writer because you help out with arranging the vocals, vocal producer yes maybe but a co-writer with publishing % absolutely not!! and it was actually Ne-yo who was upset cuz B tried to claim all the writing credits for Irreplaceable...
    She steals credits , its not a secret the whole business knows it , it's really fxcked up but nit much u can do about need those cutz as a songwriter no matter what, and she knows it and abuse it...

  9. this is one fo stupid aritcle I ever read. this is so stupid. you don't know nothing about songwriting and producing. lol

    the songwriting is not just about lyric. you seems forgot it's lyric + composition.
    in 1+1 case. you can 'clearly' see and hear that big differences beyonce made.
    also some to lay up under me. maybe lyric is same but the composition is different. it's called arrangement.
    Beyonce always said she love arrangement more than just writing from nothing.
    and he lane is vocal arrangements.
    which is very big portion in run the world and every beyonce songs.

    and do you evewn know she record over 70songs? she worked with everyone she knows. they just didn't make the 'cut'. you know the cut right?

    and person who above me. ne-yo and stargate(writing&producing team) already said beyonce does write/produce song (arrangement) and deserve credit for that.
    so check you source, there's like 5~6 interview about that. ne-yo himself said beyonce deserve credit on irreplaceable.
    so get yor fact straight.

  10. co-writing and credit things are very sujective.
    there's no such rule as you have to x amount to get credit. it's agreement between writers.

    the professional writers, prdocuers always got credit for small thing, changes, it's very common in pop music.

    and there's no such thing as vocal arrangement can't get credit. in a law, yes. but in reality, no. as I said it's all agreement. If you feel A person definately help you and think deserve credit, you can give them.

    and you can twist little bit as give him producer credit rather than writer (becuase writers got royalty, not producers)

    in hip hop, R&B urban scene. beat makers got writer credit too, according to law it's no. but they give beat maker credit.
    (bangladesh? he made beat for beyonce- diva and got writer credit he only did beat with sean garret, and sean garret wrote song with beyonce)

  11. Also, ''I Was Here'' is her career song. No one else is better in telling HER STORY but herself! Yet, she didn't write any piece on that shit? That a proof that she doesn't write her songs.

  12. The beyonce fans above are just plain out crazy -___-
    There's huge difference between vocal production and production.
    And i agreee completely, i used to like her but with all herscamming, lies and deceiving i cant take her seriously at all. What a shame, i dont know why an artist would feel the need that they have to write every song, in the process discrediting REAL songwriters (aka the dream, keri hilson.....)

  13. Vocal Production definitely deserves recognition hence why i feel beyonce is right to be giving herself credit. Anyone can sing a song but noone can sing a song like beyonce. Its like ataking a poem and making a song out of it. Just the writer gets songwriting credits? NO... it takes alot of work to tune the song and have it flow correctly. BEYONCE DESERVES THE CREDIT

  14. The machine that is Bey steamrolls over artists in various industries. Another scam Bey is known to pull in my industry is getting a production company on board to do a "Label funded" video for one of her songs. She then gets a bunch of footage shot and asks the company to edit two or three more videos as part of the job. They do it, because they don't want to lose the relationship with Bey and Jay and their cohorts. The production company loses money in the process. They throw the power around all over the place.

  15. It's obvious that Beyonce isn't writing her own songs and it's been obvious for a while.

    Fantastic performer and great singer but there has always been something shady surrounding her and it all stems from her father/dictator.

    He has manufactured that girl into nothing but a media puppet who is all fake smiles and false sentiment and even after kicking him to the kerb, it seems like old habits are hard to break.

    She seems to have inherited his anything for the fame and money attitude, whether it be stealing songs of performing for mass murderers and dictators.

  16. I just finished a blog entry about how I could never get into her music. My point was that with all her songwriting credits, how could I still not know her writing voice. That questing has been answered her.

    Even if she was effectively co writing all these songs, the fact of the matter is that she has no writing voice. Avril Lavigne cowrites all her music. Katy Perry writes and cowrites her songs. You know their voices. Ask a fan who Beyonce really is. They won't know. Strong woman isn't a point of view.

    So at least I don't feel like I'm crazy for not recognizing "genius"

  17. I could care less what she writes or what she produces. One thing for sure, the woman is one of the greatest entertainer we will ever see.

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  19. Really interesting read! Unfortunately, not all that surprising!

  20. Changing a couple of words here and there and changing the melody and harmony are considering songwriting, how do you think that Mariah is credited on all of her songs!?

  21. Changing the harmonies, melodies etc is *not* considered songwriting.

    I could change and re-arrange bloody Stairway To Heaven. Doesn't mean I 'wrote' it.

    Plus, Beyonce is shady on the songwriting and even her fans know it. Just look up the many interviews where she talks about *writing* songs from her own personal experience.

    Don't be no fool. That girl is claiming more than 'vocal arrangement' credits and ya'll and ya mama know it.

    It's all about the money in that family. From her mama to daddy Knowles to her husband, the money is all she's ever known and all she cares about.

  22. There are plenty of people who don't get credits for doing the vocal production. Beyonce is just aggressive with it and makes sure that she gets one.

    In all honesty though I could care less if the artist wrote the song or helped produce it. To me the most important is that the final product is beautiful and the artist can give a great live performance of the songs.

    Album concepts, the cohesiveness of the album, image, sound and style achieved through picking and choosing the right to create a harmonious album is the most important factor for me for any artists. I think that's more difficult to do than simply writing songs, it requires a lot more artistic and creative input and long-term planning and that is why I often adore artists who release albums that actually have a concept or theme that is present throughout all the songs, throughout all the images, right down to the font on the album cover and the staging and outfits during live performances, etc.

  23. the writer simply don't understand the music industry.
    I mean songwriters, producers work. how they "really" work in studios, how they get those credits.

    did you know that producers get writer credit for thier beat or tracks, or just one thing as putting additional beat on intro. or strings ?
    this is how it works nowadays.
    producers takes writer credit very often in pop music eventhogh they didn't write main lyrics, melodies.

    If you check that demo or original versions, you can clearly see and hear the difference in the tracks (instrumental) or some lyrics, harmonies.
    she always re-arrange them like she delete 3rd verse of halo and just put her ooohh~ vocal parts.

    Beyonce is more producer type artists, she used to wrtier her own lyrics melodies in her early days (destiny's child to her solo album)

    Survivor, independent women, bootylicious. these hit songs are wrriten by beyonce (the other people are producer and they got writer credit for their track,beat)

    since her second album B'day, she uses demo songs more and more. just re-arrange the song. change things, add or delete things on songs. so she already said "I like arrangement more than writing actually" in early 2000's

    1. All of what you said is true, but it comes down to the integrity of the artist as an individual.

      On one hand you have Beyoncé who changes one word in the song title, sings the song with a different melody to the demo and yet claims she wrote the song. On the other hand you have artists who arrange their own vocals from scratch, change the melody, perhaps a word here or there and yet do NOT get a song-writing credit because they themselves did not contribute to writing the actual song.

      It all comes down to honesty and how much respect you have for the craft of others.

      Regardless of what is deemed as an industry standard, what Beyoncé has done on numerous occasions and continues to do is dishonest and disingenuous to those who actually wrote the songs.

      As for "Bootylicious", the co-writer and producer of the song called Beyoncé out for taking full credit for conceiving the idea of the song and also the production of it.

      There's no smoke without fire. Beyoncé has made a name for herself for taking credit for other people's work and in some cases using it without referencing it.

    2. TL;DR

      Beyoncé copypasta.

  24. I agree! Its the integrity of the artist to be fair I how much they actually contributed to a written piece of work. She's just like her husband, greedy. Its all about the money and the accumulation of wealth. She is all over the place in ads etc. Why? Every offer that comes knocking you have to say yes?! Let others have a chance to shine; stay home and mind your baby. Its like Jay-Z is her pimp or something. They'll probably have Blue Ivy working as soon as she can walk and talk.

    They are truly a disgrace.

  25. No no no, Mariah has never been called out like this. Mariah has a book or the lyrics and concepts she's ever come up with. All the songwriters who has work with her has never ever called her out on her songwriting skills.

  26. What? I Was Here is about September 11 according the writter of the song.

  27. You have so much free time, I see.
    About the songwriting, meh. Maybe she doesn't write ALL the song, but she came with the idea and then they make the song.

  28. do you have proof that beyonce only change the word?
    so basically you have whole idead that "I never saw her working in the studio but she probably doesn't write, can't write, onyl change few word and that's all".
    you already pre-judge it. and made stories around it.
    the theory of what you're thinking is too ideal.
    in the real industry, writers, producers, artists, all of them take credit for very samll thing. unless you're super naive.
    and beyonce is known for giving credits too.
    as much she get credit for small parts, ideas, she gave credit for others idea. that''s why she has so many people on credit.
    and again check the fact. you really need to work on it.
    rob fussari (producer of bootylicious) use "Stevie Nicks" song to make guitar sound. so he needed to give up 50% of his credit for "sampling" use.
    So he thought the guitar sound is basic and simple, he want to record it with his guitar and didn't want credit Stevie Nicks.
    but beyonce denied it. gave credit to Stevie Nicks.
    what bootylicios producer saying was "I want copy/plagiarize Stevie Nicks and don't want Stevie Nicks to take my credit, but beyonce team did it.! and now I lose 50% of my credit."
    just read the original article again.
    also beyonce wrote lyrics,meldoies by herslef.

  29. the person who wrote this article sounds like a mad hater. Bow down bitch

  30. Entertainmentluvva2 April 2014 at 06:58

    #dead #dead #dead i can't you had me dying reading this !

  31. pon de floor was out way before that run the world song and pon de floor is better


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