Album arts: Maki Goto - Ai kotoba

Maki Goto - Ai kotoba [CD] | Album art Maki Goto - Ai kotoba [CD + DVD] | Album art

The poor man's Kumi Koda that is Maki Goto is releasing her new album Ai kotoba (or Voice) on November 2. This is the same day Perfume's single drops; a single which is sure to take the nation by complete and utter storm and have them saving their 4,500 yen to buy their album instead.

To ensure she gets as much shelf space as possible, Maki will be dropping Ai kotoba in 3 editions. The standard CD only and CD and DVD editions, as well as a double CD and double DVD edition - featuring an additional CD of her collaborative works and an additional DVD featuring behind the scenes footage of the "You" video shoot and a promotional photo shoot she had done with the UNIQLO and Lady Gaga famed Nicola Formichetti. The ho is trying. Can't knock her for that. But Kumi Koda will blow this shit out of the water by March by releasing her new album in USB, HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats, along with a special Nintendo 3DS version which features all of her music videos from the album in stereoscopic 3D saved to an SD card.

As for the crown on the album cover, it's cute. But we all know who wears the real crown and it ain't this ho. Maki, bye. Bless the bitch, Maki really is trying to make her way up to that penthouse suite where Avex's top sellers kick it.


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