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Beni will be releasing the follow up to her it's-so-damn-good-it-made-Crystal-sound-like-a-trick J-R&B critically acclaimed (on dem down low blogs) flop Jewel on November 2nd.

Beni seems to be on that old skool Mariah Carey swag with the album titles sounding all glistening and pretty and shit. It started with Lovebox. Which got followed on by Jewel. Which now leads us to Fortune. I suspect her 2012 release will be titled Platinum. She may as well. Naming an album Platinum is as close to it as she's gonna get, because Beni sure as hell isn't touching it via album sales.

  1. Fortune intro
  2. Darlin'
  3. Suki dakara | 好きだから
  4. Last song
  5. Memory
  6. My world
  7. Crazy girl
  8. One in a million
  9. Koe wo Kikasete | 声を聞かせて
  10. Secret
  11. Yes or No?
  12. Oh yeah!
  13. Unmei no hito | 運命の人
  14. Only one

Beni hasn't managed to catch hits with her singles thus far, but she rarely does any way. So this will be business as usual for her. Just drop that shit with minimal promotion like a ball on a roulette wheel and just see what happens. The pressure is ON for Beni and I'm the one putting it on her. Jewel came along and set the standard I've been wanting from her for years and shamed Crystal's shit in the process, so she needs to keep on top of it and keeping going for bigger and better.

Expect a review of Fortune when it drops. Until then, if any of you are into a bit of J-R&B / Mainstream pop - be sure to check out Beni's Jewel album. It really is a hot record.


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