BoA preps her return to the Japanese charts with a new single!

BoA preps her new Japanese single | News

After taking a much deserved break from the music game, BoA has let the pussy out of the bag, that we could hear a new single from her REAL soon. Exciting news given that all was quiet on the BoA front for her 10th anniversary in the J-biz, which is when fans were almost adamant we'd be getting something new from her.

BoA's Hurricane venus and Copy & paste were that same ol', same ol' from BoA. A couple of killer tracks, but wholly mediocre and not indicative of where she should be musically at this point in her career. As much as Identity got shitted on, I had a fair amount of respect for the album, because it was the first album where BoA took creative control. The execution wasn't perfect. But BoA was on the right track with it. With BoA having experienced so much in such a short space of time with an English debut, finally making her mammoth comeback in Korea and working on a film - it'll be interesting to see how this translates into her music and if it does at all.

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  1. I just PRAY that they market her more grown up in Japan now like they did in Korea, when she wasn't lookin like a skelletor that image was amazing.

    i wanna see dancing, hot outfits and non of that "Woo Weekend" shit lol

  2. It'll flop. Anything from BoA out of Japan is destined to be flop nowadays. Unless BoA pulls of something amazing that can give a boost to her declining J-pop "career" (which I highly doubt since this girl looks bored as hell in her Japanese performances this year). Or they get the girl a game tie-in.

    I'm waiting to be proven wrong.


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