Crystal Kay's new beginnings with a new record label

Crystal Kay's new beginnings at Delicious deli records. New single in December | News

As many has been guessing over the past few weeks given her recent activity, new website and new YouTube channel reveal: Crystal Kay has jumped record labels. After Flash's chart performance, Spin the music's death at the bottom of the Oricon charts and a cancelled tour - fans were quick to stress that Crystal needs to start thinking about her future and if it's to be at the hands of Sony music. Guess we weren't the only ones. Because Crystal is now signed to Delicious deli records, a subsidiary label of Universal music. I wish I could say I'm excited. But Delicious deli's artist roster is full of flops.

I've always been in two minds about Crystal leaving Sony. In terms of how big a label Sony is, it's huge. It's an international company which ideally is the type of company you want to have release your music. But they had been blocking Crystal's music for years and not promoting it, despite her music being leaps and bounds above what most of her peers were releasing and being hit worthy. Things clearly are not right at Sony, as they are currently doing the exact same thing to my girl MiChi (if you do not know about this chick...then you better GET to know). Also, Sony music Japan do not allow their artists music to release on iTunes due to Sony offering their own mp3 download service - which is a HUGE blow to not only International fans, but fans period. iTunes has a huge user attachment rate and by not allowing your artists' music on there, you are limiting their demographic and those who can access their music. iTunes is an amazing way for fans outside of Japan to access their favourite artists music without having to pay dolla to import physical copies of their music. This has had a huge impact on an artist like Crystal Kay, who always seemed a little too Westernized for Japan and could have established herself rather nicely in the West simply by having her music be available on the US and European iTunes stores.

I'm not 100% glad Crystal has left Sony, because the fact is, that as an artist she could easily be forgotten about because her activity is so minimal in comparison to her peers. But it's a new beginning for her after 10 years at the same label and not having a great deal to show for it. So as a fan, of course I'll support her and wish her all the best - because I've been trying to put people om Crystal for years. Bitch even thanked me for my efforts.

Crystal Kay holla's at Random J | Twitter shit

You may now kill yo' self.

Crystal's new single will be dropping in December; which could explain what she was doing in London a short while ago. Shooting a video perhaps?

I think December is the worst time for her to release a single. She'd be better of going for a February or March release. But I'm sure Delicious deli know what their doing. *side eyes Delicious deli's roster of flop artists*

Sony will also be releasing a Crystal Kay Best release around the same time. Yes, it's shady. But it's what labels do when an artist leaves them and they catch wind of when they plan on releasing something new over at (what the artist hopes are) greener pastures. It's all exposure for Crystal which could work well in her favour, providing she plays Sony at their own game and rides on the back of their release.

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  1. I think this is the change she needed. They weren't promoting her shit properly for a good number of years now. The last time they really promoted her was during her All Yours Era. Ever since then she's been falling off big time.

  2. im in 2 minds bout this move, but i hope it all goes well for her and we see some huge chart bangers :D....
    sony aint letting ck go without whoring out 1 more album from her 'love song best' coming out the same day as the new single..

  3. Maybe they'll redirect all their budget toward Crystal Kay? Couldn't hurt, because I've never heard of most of their acts. Anyhow, it can't be worse than before. Get her ass on iTunes first with that new single, and we'll see how it goes from there.

    I still remember when Kuri, the Sovereign Goddess of J-R&B, tweeted me. I framed that shit and made it my wallpaper and Facebook profile picture. Actually, I only did one of those things.

  4. I agree with @Frederick even if their artists are flops they'll do more for CK than Sony did for her over the last few years, Pluss CK already has existing fans so if she comes out with the good shit they'll come running back.
    I wanna hear more R&B like the oldschool CK than the pop stuff on "FLASH" and "Spin the music" though.


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