Music video: Beni - Darlin'

This video is "Gimme gimme ♥" with a better dress, nicer make-up and left over balloons from Crystal Kay's "One" video shoot. It's a shame Beni reverted back to her same ol', same ol' after shifting gears completely with "Crazy girl". But I guess "Darlin'" is to serve the purpose of re-affirming Beni hasn't completely up-rooted the foundations that she and Daisuke Imai had set with her last 3 albums - in fear that "Crazy girl" would have fans hate on what her new album may have in store in the event they didn't like it. Me? I'm done with 3 straight albums of a similar sound. Beni honed it so well on Jewel, that I'm ready for her to shift gears.

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  1. I could never tire of this sound. In a world where artists strive to change every album, and shun the producers who got them where they are, it's nice to see some allegiance. If D.I could step it up a notch, I'd say we had the Japanese Aaliyah and Timbo on our hands.

    I can't say whether it's stunting her growth until I hear the album. I wish she'd work on the regular with DJ HASEBE, though. His sound does wonders for BENI.

  2. She needs to do some house music, her voice is perfect for that. Especially if you've heard her collaboration with Jap. House producer MAKAI and their song "Star In My Sky" perfffecttttly


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