Music video: Kelly Rowland featuring Big Sean - Lay it on me

With a song about wanting penis and nothing else, I wasn't expecting much from this video. But I at least expected a routine which went beyond Kelly moving her hips from side to side and whipping her hair beside an Elephant.

Watching Kelly slowly write around with a bunch of guys got old fast. Especially with no decent dance routine to help break up the monotony. Kelly's body is on point and she was looking good...except for that wig. It was horrible. I was barely able to muster enough focus on anything else but that monstrosity on her head.

"Lay it on me" is a cool song. It's disposable as hell, and does sound like a song from the Bajan pigeon that is Rihanna "Forehead" Fenty - but it has worldwide smash appeal. A really hot video could have done wonders for the song, but all this video does is provide monotonous visuals, which in turn highlights how monotonous the song is. Gotta give a Kels something for consistency I guess.

Oh and Kelly. Livvi Franc called. She wants a couple of the scenes from her music video back.


  1. This video is hot though, i don't get bored of it lmao ;D


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